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Most recent activities

Kompani Paradiso has just had a first run with the new production “Toto The Clown and the Circus Director” (“Clownen Toto & Direktören”) combined with workshops/classes for staff and students for “Skapande Skola”, a national program for bringing more cultural activities into the school system.

Check out our trailer here.

Sales Sheet for “Skapande skola” in Swedish (pdf)


Jan Unestam is an actor and a circus artist. In 1995 he was one of the founding members of the famous Swedish company “Cirkus Cirkör” and has through the years contributed to 11 of that company’s productions which has brought him all around the globe.

Jan has worked as an actor and a circus artist at most of the major theatre institutions in Sweden: Stockholms stadsteater, Göteborgs stadsteater, Göteborgsoperan, Malmö stadsteater, Östgötateatern, Helsingborgs stadsteater…

Magnus Jarlöv is a circus artist, a teacher and a comedian. He has founded many companies through the years, such as the jester and clown group “Jauvet”, “Clownen brinner” (“The clown is on fire!”), “Verbalista” and “Burnt Out Punks”.

Magnus has also been on the board for “Clowns Without Borders” and has worked around the world as its Project Manager. For a number of years, Magnus was instrumental in building Cirkus Cirkör’s function for people with disabilities.

Magnus has also performed at many major arenas around Scandinavia, such as the Stockholm Globe Arena and the famous Skansen Open Air Museum.